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The Cost of living in Atlanta for an individual is 5% Higher than the national average excluding rent according to Payscale. According to, the national average in the USA is $2,923.The economic policies contribute to how much you will spend on the city. Also, there are tax issues that are mandatory for everyone who wants to live in Atlanta. The cost of living in Atlanta, GA also depends on people’s tastes, preferences, and personalities.

 People who work remotely will have a cheaper living cost than those who move around. Also, if you are sharing apartments, this can reduce the cost of living in Atlanta.

Here is a guide on the different costs of living in Atlanta, the pros of living there, and things you should know before moving to Atlanta GA.

Important things to know before moving to Atlanta

Are you considering moving to Atlanta, here are some things you should consider:

Local Mover to use

At the top of your bucket list, you should consider choosing an experienced mover. Hiring a moving company Atlanta will provide you with peace of mind and a seamless move. If you hire a bad mover, your move will be filled with hitches. 

Decide which Perimeter in Atlanta you want to stay

Before going to Atlanta, you have to know if inside the perimeter or outside the perimeter suits you. If you choose ITP, you will get an urban neighborhood that has excellent access to shopping and many outdoor attractions.  The other perimeter has more communal arrangements such as tennis courts, swimming pools, and a good place to raise a family.

Accommodation considerations

Before moving to Atlanta, decide if you want to buy or rent an apartment in the city. The average mortgage in this city is $187,900 while the median national price would be $242,600. This place is affordable, however choosing to buy or rent depends on your earnings. A quick piece of advice is to consider the rural neighborhood as they are less expensive than urban areas.

Traffic is a big issue

Atlanta isn’t a small city, and there are many cars on the road. You are likely to always face gridlock along the metro areas. However, this traffic is predictable, so if you plan your way, you might be able to avoid it.

The different costs of living in Atlanta

Here is some information about the cost of living and what you will expect in Atlanta :

Average housing cost

Where you will stay in the city tops the chart when discussing cost. The average home price in Atlanta is $363,450 and for tents, it’s about $1950 monthly. The housing cost in the city has increased over the years. A single-bedroom apartment goes for around $1800, while a two-bedroom costs about $2,550. If you live in a rural or urban area of the city it will also affect the price.

Cost of Utilities

When thinking of the cost of living in Atlanta, it is advised to consider monthly utility prices. Due to the fuzzy temperature in the city, it is expected that the AC will work a lot. Budget about $160 monthly for standard amenities and an additional $75 for Wi-Fi. While the cost of amenities will vary, having around $240 monthly will take care of all your utilities. If you want to minimize utility rats, you can transport some of your facilities with you.

Health costs

Health they say is wealth, it’s very important to know how much you will pay for medical bills in Atlanta. Based on Statistics by the Bureau of Labor, an employed person should budget about $2, 750 on medical fees. If you are a family with at least one kid, we are looking at $8,100 annually.

Food costs

Groceries in this city are fair and at par with national rates. On a 100% average, Atlanta ranks about 98.9. There are several restaurants, bars, and lounges that are affordable to everyone.A meal around downtown Atlanta costs about $45, so if you eat out regularly, your price will increase.

Pros of living in Atlanta

If you are thinking of moving to Atlanta, here are some things you will enjoy :

Great Economy

Atlanta remains one of the most stable economies in the USA. This is a viable choice for everybody. There are about 600 companies in the city where people can seek a job. You will find UPS, Home Depot, Amazon, and Delta Airlines amongst others. There are many employment opportunities in the city which makes it a top place to stay.

Great neighborhood to stay

There are nice places in Atlanta you can live in. Places such as Grant Park, Decatur, and Virginia Highland. At these places, you will find cheap shopping centers and beautiful historic districts. You can walk around these areas without any problem.

Tons of things to see and do

There are plenty of things you can do in this city. If you are a tourist, there are multiple places you need to visit. You can visit museums, art galleries and nightclubs which are many in the city.


If you are thinking of moving to Atlanta, you need to understand the various costs of living in the city. This is an amazing city where you can enjoy yourself and your family.

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