Rajasthan: Greatest Royals Who Ever Played For The Franchise

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The Rajasthan Royals have never been able to do as well as they did in 2008, but they will always be known as the first team to win the IPL. The victory in 2008 was both amazing and good news. While keeping RR upcoming matches in the next ipl in mind here is one interesting fact about RR. The team spent the least amount of money at the auction in 2008, but they still won thanks to good planning, cricketing intuition, and luck. The Royals have been called the “Moneyball” team of the IPL, but their performance hasn’t lived up to expectations. 

They are known as one of the most frugal teams in the league year after year. Many of the people they’ve picked from outside India have been hidden gems, but the talent pool in India has been a weakness.


Since he is one of RR’s All-Time 11, he will bat first. This player is the second-highest scorer of runs and the second-highest wicket-taker in the history of the team. You have to agree that it’s a no-brainer at this point to include him. While playing for Rajasthan Royals, he got 2372 runs and got out 141 times, which is a good number. When he played for RR, he got 61 wickets at a 7.48 economy. He was a big reason why RR won the IPL that year. He hit more than 470 runs for them. In 2008 and 2013, he was named the “Most Valuable Player” of the IPL because of how well he played. With two centuries, he has more than anyone else in RR. Ajinkya Rahane is another RR player with two centuries.


When he is in the All-Time 11 of RR with Watson, they will be unbeatable. He will also keep the gloves that the team uses. It would be amazing to see Watson, Buttler, and an Australian play together. Buttler has been a batting phenomenon ever since he joined the team in 2018. During the two years he worked for RR, he did more than 850 runs. With an average score of 47, these runs have been scored at a great rate of 153.94 percent. With his skills, he can help the team get off to a very quick start.


He is No. 3 on the list of the 11 best players of all time. He has been a part of the franchise for a long time. He got 2810 runs for Rajasthan Royals, making him their top scorer of all time. He has the most fifty-plus scores (17) and the most hundred-plus scores (100+). (2). His unbroken 105 in 2019 is the highest score ever made by an RR player. It is also the best score ever made by a single player in IPL history. Also, he still holds the record for the most fours scored in an over, which is six. He is a first-rate performer with excellent timing and pinpoint accuracy. Without him, you can’t have an All-Time RR 11.


Only 11 people have played in RR’s history, and he is one of them. He has scored more runs for the RR franchise than any other Indian batsman, second only to Rahane. He had almost 1500 hits and only struck out 131 times. His average at the plate was 27.85. He’s calm at the crease and can bat for a long time. When his team is in trouble, he can steady the ship for them.


He will bat fifth in RR’s top-tier All-Time Eleven lineup. In the two years he played for the RR franchise, he got more than 300 runs and 14 wickets. He is always at the top of his game in all three parts of the game (batting, bowling, and fielding). You can’t keep ignoring this person forever. He is in the top 11 at even money.


He will be used to score runs in the All-Time Eleven. He can hit the ball hard and bowl with spin, which helps the team. He has a strike rate of 161 with RR and has made more than 1000 runs (the highest among any RR batsman who has faced a minimum of 125 balls). He was named the Most Valuable Player of the 2008 IPL Final against CSK after making a spectacular fifty.


He’s a good hitter in the middle of the lineup. Even though he’s small, he can help the team by scoring a few runs quickly while they’re working hard. Besides that, he can bowl a few overs at a medium speed. He was in the middle of the lineup for RR, but he still scored over 700 runs and took 17 wickets.


In RR’s All-Time Eleven, he is a spinner. In each of the last two seasons, he has given out 31 tickets for the Royals. He can bowl in many different ways. He has the best average of all of RR’s bowlers (18.80). The difference is huge because of how good he is with the ball.


He is the team’s undisputed leader and a must-have for any RR All-Time XI. After all, RR won the IPL once because of how he led the team. He is known for being a smooth talker. There is no doubt about it. With RR, he has taken 57 wickets and let only 7.27 runs score per over. This tricky leg spinner is a player at the top level. You could always count on him to find the answers every day of the week.


He will be in charge of leading the bowling attack in RR’s All-Time Eleven. As a member of the Rajasthan team, he has taken 33 wickets at a great average of 23.6 and at a rate of 7.57 per over. He is a clever bowler who can fool the batter with his speed changes. He can throw yorkers at will and is a good bowler in the last few overs of a game.


One of RR’s All-Time Eleven’s two fast bowlers. He is the most successful bowler in the history of RR. He has taken out 65 batsmen while keeping a respectable economy rate of 7.58 and a very low average of 29.28. In 2008, he took 13 wickets, which was a big part of how his club won the IPL Championship.

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