Stay Connected With Your Friends Even During Indoor Running

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Treadmill running is far easier than running outdoors. You can run anytime you want, you won’t be bothered by pollution, or the crowds. But as many people who practise Indoor running might say, the practice gets lonely after a while. Sure, you will have the best of work-outs, but what’s the fun in running alone staring at a wall in your home? If you feel like you need company while you exercise, then we have just the solution for you. We give you the Vingo app, a virtual reality platform which can be used as social media too.

Running Indoors Can turn Out Lonely

Going for a long run on a treadmill everyday is very beneficial for your health. But not many people get into the habit. This is because they find it very lonely after a while. Lack of motivation from peers, and boredom are the main reasons for people to stop using treadmills after a while. If you face these problems yourself, then you can go for the Vingo app. Using Vingo, you can get an outdoor experience while you work-out indoors, and stay connected with your friends who will motivate you. Virtual reality will give you a lot of scenery to stimulate your brain.

Stay Connected with your Friends During Workouts

This new form of exercise is being called Online running and people are also using Vingo as a social media app. Using Vingo, you can connect with all of your friends, no matter where they might be in the real world. They can be on the other side of the planet and you can connect with them. You can team up with all your friends and go on running, jogging, or even slow walking trips inside the virtual world.

Find New Friends Using Voice Chat

The app also has a voice chat feature that allows you to communicate with people in real-time. You can chat with your friends while you run. Some people use this feature to find new friends within the app. You can also get acquainted with the people who share your tracks by talking to them. Who knows, a great friendship might be waiting for you inside the Online running app.

Join Communities and Team Up with People

You can also find a lot of communities within Vingo. These are created and maintained by users from across the world. You can also create one for yourself, or even join the already existing ones. You will meet a lot of new people there, from trained athletes to amateur beginners. You can befriend them all.

Have Fun with Friends While Working Out

As you grow your network inside the app, you will never worry about being alone while you exercise on your indoor bike. There will always be your tribe waiting for you inside the app and you can get to them with the click of a button on your smartphone. You can workout with your friends and family to get a better user experience.

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